Sydney Housing and Trains – Problems

Cities are an issue in Australia, and especially Sydney. The latest barrage of anti Sydney pieces below:

  1. Opinion on the more common experience of people making plans to leave Sydney
  2. Labor announced changes to the imputation tax credit which led to political horseplay about taxes. The question is – is it unfair to stop rich people getting cash handouts from taxpayers??
  3. An explanation of how the house crisis came to be, from Ross Gittins in the SMH
  4. This is all probably based on, a study by the Grattan Institute on housing affordability
  5. I also stumbled across a random story outlining the decline of public transport in Sydney. You could blame a lot of these issues on planning and government decisions. Lobbying from interested parties (or legitimized corruption) as always played a big role in screwing our cities, which is unfortunately remains an issue in governments today.

For some hope, there is at least a local newspaper starting around Sydney that seems to have some good ideas and potential. Hopefully it sticks.



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